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  • How’s Life?
    I missed writing! How is everyone doing here? It has been months since I last updated my blog. The busyness of work is really taking up my time to write, and other things. Wait, work? Yes, you read that right. I now work in TV5 Network, INC. as […]
  • Love Once Again
    A spiritually-matured friend, a person I look up to, asked me way back mid-2019: “Saan mo nakikita ang sarili mo sampung taon mula ngayon?” That’s a great question to ask yourself so you could have a long-term goal to achieve. I could’ve answered anything. Like, using my voice […]
  • Take Your Time
    I fell into this deep thought of how much time I have already wasted by making “take your time” as an excuse for myself. Fairly speaking, ‘take your time’ sometimes is a valid excuse. I believe that everyone has its own pace when it comes to achieving one’s […]
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